School Council

The School Council had an extremely productive first meeting.  After finding out about each Council representative, they set to work on our first challenge – evaluating the school’s new marking and feedback stickers.  The children had some useful comments to make about the labels and how they contribute to learning.

 The labels are good. We can show how we feel about our learning.’

‘The labels make marking easier as you know where to look for your teacher’s comments.’

‘Some people weren’t responding but the labels make it easy to see what you need to do.’

‘The labels help other people to comment – like peer comments’.

‘Teachers know how you have got on with your learning and tell you how to improve or how to move on.’

Our next item for discussion was about ways in which we can improve our school. The children came up with some fantastic ideas, including:

  •           A wider range of after-school clubs
  •          Opportunities to take part in inter-school competitions
  •          Buddies to help out on the FS/KS1 playground
  •          New books in the library to help with research projects

Learning Project

Their next learning project will be focused on presentation. The councillors will act as ‘learning spies’ to look in a range of books to find examples of super presentation. They will also think of ways of making presentation across our school even better.

Our First Project

Their first challenge, set by Mrs Sutton and Mrs Dashwood, is to find out what children think to our new marking and feedback stickers. Through discussion and surveys, the school council will explore how the stickers are helping children with their learning and suggest improvements to make them even better.