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At West Wycombe we believe that all pupils can achieve in Art and Design. We believe that high-quality Art lessons will inspire children to think innovatively and develop creative procedural understanding. Our Art curriculum provides children with opportunities to develop their skills using a range of media and materials. Children learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, collage and textiles. Our pupils are given the opportunity to explore and evaluate different creative ideas. Children will be introduced to a range of works and develop knowledge of the styles and vocabulary used by famous artists such L.S. Lowry and Vincent Van Gogh. We also inspire the children by introducing them to other artists ranging all ethnicities and backgrounds. The skills they acquire are applied to their cross-curricular topics, allowing children to use their art skills to reflect on and explore topics in greater depth. It is paramount that art work be purposeful; pupils should be clear what the intended outcomes are and have a means to measure their own work against this. In Art, children are expected to be reflective and evaluate their work, thinking about how they can improve their work.



At West Wycombe our teachers plan sequences of lessons in Art based on objectives specific to their year group and select a context of which the objectives are taught linking learning to current topics. These learning objectives build on prior learning and develop art skills focusing on the six fundamental elements of Art






Sculpture, to include clay work

Digital media


Children explore colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space when practising these fundamental elements, developing their creativity and mastery of techniques. Children of all abilities have opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge in each unit and through planned progression, we offer them increasing challenge, as they move up through school.


Art is taught every other term, alternating with DT, each week for one hour. The current scheme we are following is KAPOW.



Our children will be become creative learners, who have knowledge of both local artists and the great artists of the world. Creativity and innovation will be celebrated and children will become skilled at editing and improving the pieces they have created. As teachers, there will be an emphasis placed on individuality and children will be given the freedom to explore art using their imagination. Children will have embedded the key art and design skills needed to allow them to produce inventive pieces of art. We also measure the impact through an Art gallery celebration day of learning which demonstrates progression across the school.

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