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Late/Absence Procedures

Attendance and Absence

Attendance is very good at West Wycombe School and there have been few occasions where attendance has caused a problem.

The school is obliged by law to follow up any child that is absent from school without explanation, or if the explanation is not adequate. If the situation cannot be resolved we will inform the Education Welfare Officer.



We do not authorise exceptional leave (holidays) during term time, in addition the Headteacher will not authorise absences:

During periods of statutory assessment
If your child’s attendance has been low


Absence during the school day 

If you need to take your child out during the school day, you must inform the class teacher in writing. When you collect and return your child please let a member of the office staff know and sign in the “pupil signing in/out book”.


School Closures

We would like to remind parents of our procedures for closure in the event of the school having to close eg snow days. Naturally we make every effort to keep the school open although sometimes the condition of the site and the availability of staff makes it impossible to operate safely.


Please do not call the school as we may be working with a skeleton staff and all the information regarding the status of the school can be found on the Bucks County Council website under “school closures”.


Please follow this link to take you to their website. it will be posted on our school website: and broadcast on BBC Three Counties Radio, Mix 96 and Heart. We will endeavour to send a Parentmail but as staff may be working from different locations and sometimes the internet is not working so it may not be possible.