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At West Wycombe, we make sure that our students develop a life-long love of Maths. Mathematics is an important creative discipline that helps us to understand and change the World. We want all pupils at West Wycombe to experience the beauty, power and enjoyment of mathematics and develop a sense of curiosity about the subject.


At West Wycombe, we foster ‘can do’ attitudes and believe that everyone can learn and achieve in mathematics and teach for secure and deep understanding of concepts. We use mistakes and misconceptions as an essential part of learning and provide challenge through rich and sophisticated problems before acceleration through new content. We follow our school values within our Maths lessons by: working hard; never giving up; looking after equipment; helping someone who is struggling; saying if we are stuck; not copying each other’s work; encouraging each other; have belief in ourselves; and being happy that we can learn from our mistakes.


At West Wycombe, Maths is taught in classes. There are two Maths sessions each day. A Maths lesson to teach new concepts and a Maths On Track (MOT) Maths meeting for deliberate practice of new skills and areas that need to be revisited. 

  • Staff use White Rose Maths as a starting point in order to develop a coherent and comprehensive conceptual pathway through the mathematics. The focus is on the whole class progressing together.  
  • Learning is broken down into small, connected steps, building from what pupils already know.
  • Difficult points and potential misconceptions are identified in advance and strategies to address them planned.
  • Key questions are planned, to challenge thinking and develop learning for all pupils.
  • Contexts and representations are carefully chosen to develop reasoning skills and to help pupils link concrete ideas to abstract mathematical concepts.
  • The use of high quality materials and tasks to support learning and provide access to the mathematics, is integrated into lessons.


The impact of our Maths curriculum is that children move through the curriculum at the same pace, no matter what their ability. The see the links between different aspects of their Maths learning and develop strong foundations to continue building their Mathematical understanding.


Our staff at West Wycombe support children with a 'Can Do' attitude to their Maths learning. The children know that mistakes are an important tool to developing our understanding of new concepts. Children use the power of 'Yet' to help with their growth mindset in regards to their Maths learning journey. Teachers help to build reasoning through the understanding that the answer is only the beginning and not an end point in learning.

What does Maths look like at West Wycombe School?

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