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At West Wycombe we want children to have a love of Music. Our lessons provide different experiences for the children including singing, listening to a wide variety of music, playing and composing with a range of instruments. We want all of our children to have learned to play an instrument by the time they leave West Wycombe School, offering new opportunities for children to learn skills they may not otherwise have the opportunity, and to learn to love performing whilst developing a love of a variety of music.

'A Healthy Life'- singing in assembly 🎼


Each class has a music lesson each week. In Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Years 3 and 4, we follow the Charanga music scheme of work. This gives teachers and children an interactive and exciting way to learn about different styles of music and compose their own music.


In Years 5 and 6, our music lessons are provided by the Bucks Music Trust. Year 5 are currently learning a variety of stringed instruments and Year 6 are learning to play the guitar.



The children at West Wycombe School enjoy music. We are musicians, we are singers, we are composers we are performers and we listen to a wide range of music. Enjoyment of music is a key focus; enhancing well-being, self-confidence and a sense of achievement for the children.


Music assessment is on-going throughout the year and children are encouraged to discover, identify and develop their own areas of strength. Alongside the ‘taught musical skills’ children learn to formulate an opinion and to participate and collaborate with others; enhancing teamworking skills and building an awareness of self and others.


Musical experiences stretch beyond the National Curriculum with visits from professional musicians, composers and theatre companies.  We sing weekly in assembly and have music clubs running each term. We also have music concerts in the Autumn and Summer term to give the children the opportunity to perform in front of an audience.


Outside the classroom there are also optional additional performance opportunities. We have visited the local West Wycombe Chamber Music Festival at St Lawrence Church and our choir have supported the West Wycombe Chamber Choir at their termly concerts.

Year 4 sing 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley

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