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Parent App

eSchools Parents' App 

Download the eSchools app from The App Store or Google Play:


The easiest way for parents/carers to access the eSchools platform is via the ‘Login’ button at the bottom of our school website. 

Upon entering the eSchools platform you will be presented with a dashboard where you can view latest calendar dates, live attendance data for your child/ren and a list of any recent messages that have been sent to you by the school. There are also links allowing you to download the eSchools app to your smartphone (Apple or Android). 

 On the bar at the top of your dashboard you will be presented with 4 options:

  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Letters Home
  • Parents Evening


Letters Home

Parents are able to view all correspondence from the school in one place via the Letters Home tool. There may be attachments to download from here. Check Letters Home regularly for new emails. (They will also be sent to the nominated email address directly).


Parents Evening

The Parents Evening Booking function is an easy way for parents to book appointments with teachers. Once an event has been set, parents can view available appointment slots, select a time and print a schedule.



Here you can see your child's live attendance. 


For 'How to..' videos for eSchools, see the following links:

App - View Student Attendance

View your child's attendance on the eSchools App.

Parents Evening - How to Book via the App

How to use the eSchools App to book your appointment for Parents Evening.

App - View Correspondence

View texts notifications, calendar dates and Letters Home from the school directly to your App.