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September Return To School

Returning To School In September

You'll find everything you'll need to know about the return to school for the Autumn Term 2021.


When do we return to school?

Thursday 2nd September at 8.30 am (Wednesday 1st September is an INSET Day for teachers)


What do the children wear? 

Normal school uniform, unless it is a PE day, in which case they come in wearing PE kit and leave wearing PE kit.


Who is my child's teacher? Who is who?

See below- the list of staff, roles and responsibilities.


What are the After School Clubs for the Autumn Term?

See the Clubs page for everything you'll need to know:



Reception information


Here are the dates you’ll need for starting BIG SCHOOL!


Thursday 2nd September- Whole day reserved for home visits or Zoom meetings.

Friday 3rd September -8.30-12pm (go home for lunch).

Monday 6th September -8.30-12pm (go home for lunch).

Tuesday 7th September -8.30-1pm (stay for lunch).

Wednesday 8th September -8.30-1pm (stay for lunch).

Thursday 9th September -8.30-3.10pm (full day)

Friday 10th September -8.30-3.10pm (full day)

Monday 13th September- onwards full days.



We recommend children are prepared with the following stationery:

- Pencil case

- 30 cm ruler

- At least two pencils for writing

- Colouring pencils

- A pen for writing (Year 5 and 6)

- A rubber

- A sharpener