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Themed Weeks!

Themed Weeks


We are launching our new Themed Weeks- every week has a theme for assemblies/ events/ competitions. Every week is a new chance for a learning adventure!

Coding Week

Next week is Coding Week! To celebrate this, there will be a competition, an online tutorial and lunch time drop in sessions for Years 3- 6!


The Competition


Follow this link for the National Coding Week Challenge:

The Challenge is to:

Take a mini robot, drone, robotic vacuum cleaner, robo-lawnmower?!…… whatever is safe to use for your age

Program it to follow an obstacle course, dodge the obstacles and get to the end

Make your course as engaging and wacky as possible

Let us know what you did – we want you to have fun, make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and be creative!

Everyone that enters will receive an award and a prize. Don't worry about tweeting/ facebooking it- just send your pictures/ videos/ ideas to Mr Tang on by Thursday 16th September and we'll do the rest!


The Online Tutorial


This weekend Mr Tang will release an online tutorial you can follow along to use Scratch to create a chase game, like Pac Man. Scratch is free to use at home online so you can watch the tutorial and follow along. Feel free to send any pictures of your progress to or over Class Dojo.


The Lunch Time Drop In Sessions


From Wednesday- Friday next week, children from Years 3- 6 can do to the Computing Room at lunch time to have some free time coding with their friends! In the session where they would usually be on the playground, they can go to the Computing Room to code with Mr Tang. There will be prizes for the best coding creations. Sounds fun!

Coding Week Competition

Scratch Lesson 1- Chase Game

Scratch Lesson 2- Chase Game