School Lunches

Food served in some schools and academies in England must meet the school food standards so that children have healthy, balanced diets.

The school food standards apply to all maintained schools, and academies that were founded before 2010 and after June 2014. They must provide:

  •          high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish
  •          fruit and vegetables
  •          bread, other cereals and potatoes

There can’t be:

  •          drinks with added sugar, crisps, chocolate or sweets in school meals.

All children in EYFS and years 1 and 2 are entitled to a free lunch. Our current offer is for a packed healthy lunch option supplied by the Kids Packed Lunch Company. If you would like your child to take advantage of this option, please contact the school office to advise that they would like the meals.  If your child has any special dietary requirements the office will supply you with a form, which will then be sent on to our suppliers.

Every day we are supplied with 4 sandwich options, ham and cheese are supplied every day plus two other options including Marmite, egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and Philadelphia cheese, tuna, roast chicken, Halal chicken, BLT, Philadelphia chees and cucumber.  The children are able to choose their sandwich each day as well as a yoghurt, piece of cheese and fruit/vegetable. On Friday a cake or biscuit is provided

Drinks are not supplied with these meals.

KS2 Free School Meals

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals and would like to have a school meal, please contact the office for an order form.  For more details please contact Mrs Capel in the office.

Please click this link to go to the Kids Packed Lunch Company website who are providing lunch for us.


Please follow this link to the government's page on school meals and healthy eating standards.