At West Wycombe Combined School we start learning our phonics in EYFS.  We use the Jolly Phonics Programme, which is based on Letters and Sounds.  This is a multi-sensory approach giving the children the actions and stories to support their learning.  Please follow the link to the Jolly Phonics website where there is lots of information to support the children at different levels of their learning.

As the children progress through the school they will be introduced to phonetically decodable books from a range of schemes such as Jolly Readers, Phonics, Bug and Floppy Phonics.  A child will benefit greatly from a love of reading for pleasure. This can come from being read to. Once a child has begun to learn the letter sounds they will be able to pick them out in words. They should then move on to working out whole words through blending. As a result it is easier if reading begins with storybooks that use simple words. The Jolly Readers can be used to provide this progression along with the other phonetically decodable books from a range of schemes such as Phonics, Bug and Floppy Phonics that we have in school.


Once there is fluency in reading, the most important skills for a child will be comprehension and the understanding of more words. This can be developed by asking a child questions about a story they have just read.

As the children progress through into to KS2 the children move on to using Accelerated Reader.  This is an interactive programme supporting the children to choose books relevant to their ZPD.  They then read books and then quiz to check their understanding of their reading via a computerised comprehensions quiz.  For further information please follow the link to the Accelerated Reader website.