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West Wycombe School

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Why West Wycombe?

Why West Wycombe?

Why join our school? We are glad you asked!


  • We are a welcoming, thriving school that priorities the child's well being and love of learning
  • We enjoy such a unique and interesting site
  • The surroundings are second to none- our views are breath taking
  • We love our small, close community of children, parents and staff
  • Small class sizes ensure that every child makes progress and every child receives support
  • We are on an incredible journey from strength to strength
  • We have high expectations of behaviour, work ethic and Growth Mindsets
  • We prioritise the educational experience- children will thrive with clubs, trips, events, themed weeks, special visitors and more! There is always something to look forward to at West Wycombe

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We pledge to parents that their children will thrive with us and make good progress. We pride ourselves on our open communication and consistency in all areas. 


We are confident this is a school worth investing in. For more details, to arrange a tour or for queries, please email Mrs Roberts (school administrator) on or Mr Tang (Headteacher) on

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