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Here you can find all of the amazing competitions going on!

Photography Competition 2023


Has your child ever wanted to test their photography skills? This term they will have a chance to enter our child led Photography Competition. It’s been a big hit for the last two years and the children have really enjoyed it! Last year’s theme was ‘nature’; this year we will be celebrating High Wycombe with the theme of ‘High Wycombe Wonders’.


Their challenge is to:

• Take a picture of their favourite place/ view in High Wycombe

• Make sure they use your cameras or phones

• The winner will receive a £20 gift voucher

• The runner up gets 10 house points

• Third place gets 5 house points

• All entries receive a house point


All entries can be printed and handed to your child’s class teacher or they can be emailed directly to us at: Entries must be emailed to us by 3:30pm Friday 30th June 2023.


We encourage you to keep safe when taking your photographs. We are looking forward to seeing all of your entries!


Please look at the examples underneath from previous years.


We hope the children can all participate as this will be a great way for us to showcase the hidden gems around High Wycombe.


We look forward to receiving your entries. We might even get in the Bucks Free Press again!


Mr St Croix and Mr Tang

Houses of Parliament Trip Competition


We have explored the British Values in our assemblies this year:

- Democracy

- Tolereance

- Respect

- Liberty

- Rule of Law


Your task- show what the British Values mean to you.



  • Make a poster about all five values
  • Make a poster about one value in particular and what it means
  • Write a story about all five values or one in particular
  • Write about how we show these values at West Wycombe School
  • Write a speech
  • Film a presentation


Please send all entries to by Wednesday 19th April. The lucky winners will be revealed that day and will be joining Pupil Parliament on their trip to Parliament on Monday 24th April. Please note that if you are chosen, there is a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the coach there and back. Good luck!

Superhero Writing Competition!

Use the templates below (or a blank page)- your task is to write all about who your hero is.

Is it someone you know? Someone famous? Someone fictional?

Write about:

- Why they are your hero and why you admire them

- What makes them a hero

- What we can learn from your hero

There are prizes for everyone that enters! The deadline is Wednesday 19th October at 12 pm. Our special guest judge, THE MAYOR OF HIGH WYCOMBE, will choose a winner!

Sleep Competition

In today's assembly, we looked at the importance of sleep and what happens if you don't get enough sleep.

We're launching a competition- if children can fill in the form attached for their sleep patterns next week, they'll get a prize! We'll be encouraging them daily with how to maintain good sleeping habits.

For more information on how to help your child sleep better, click here:

The West Wycombe Bake Off!

We are excited to announce 'The West Wycombe Bake Off'!

On Tuesday 1st November, the first day back after Half Term, children can bring in cakes they've made to enter our special competition. The theme is 'Cakes I can bake', so it needs to be something they can make with minimal help from their grown ups.

Staff and parents can also enter!

Who will be Star Baker? Who will get a Hollywood Handshake from Mr St Croix?

Good luck everyone. On your marks, get set, BAKE!

Photography Competition

Mr St Croix is relaunching the amazing nature photography competition! It was a real hit last year; the children demonstrated incredible photography skills and we featured in the Bucks Free Press!

Please see the attached letter for details on the competition. Good luck everyone 🤞

Safety Competition

As part of Safety Week, in assemblies we've been looking at how to be safe outside of school. We explored road safety, cycling safety, Stranger Danger, the Green Cross Code and more. Huge thanks to Noah in Year 3/4 for thinking up 'Safety Week'- as it's his idea, he'll be judging our Safety Poster Competition!

See the picture for details. The deadline for entries is Friday 4th March- good luck everyone!

Design Competition

West Wycombe PTA is becoming FOWW (Friends of West Wycombe School)! FOWW would like a new exciting logo they can use on their advertising.



What is FOWW?

FOWW Friends of West Wycombe School, fundraise for exciting opportunities in the school, like Poet visits, New iPads, etc. This is done through coffee mornings, discos, mufti days and more.


What is a logo?

Logo is a simple image or icon that is recognisable for a business. They may contain an symbol that is recognisable without the words like Apple. Or the words on the logo, make up the image. Like Burger King. Some logos have hidden messages. Like amazon which has an arrow connecting a to z.


What makes a good logo?

Logos are normally very simple and often symbolises the business.



FOWW, are asking you to design a logo that represents Friends of West Wycombe School. This can be hand drawn or drawn on the computer. The winner will have their logo transformed into the new logo used by FOWW.


Deadline: Friday 3rd December

Please give entries to Mr Tang- all entries win a prize!

Black History Month

Year 3 and 4 are celebrating Black History month with a Class Assembly- Year 3 and 4 parents- you are warmly invited to join us tomorrow at 9 am in the Hall.

Year 3 and 4 have also been working on some poems on diversity. To celebrate diversity across the whole school, we are launching a diversity poetry competition!

Have a go at writing a poem on diversity. It could be an acrostic poem, like the example in the middle. It does not have to rhyme! Try your best!

All entries will get a prize and they need to be handed in by 22nd October to either Miss Mahmood or Mr St Croix.

Photography Competition

At West Wycombe we have wonderful junior photographers who know how important a picture can be. A picture says a thousand words and, in this case, it tells us a thousand words about nature in our local area.

Two members of our Newspaper Club, Jaya and Izzy, set up their own photography competition. All of the teachers were impressed with their maturity when they collected the entries, chose the winners and presented the winners to the whole school using their own PowerPoint.

Jaya from Year 6: I liked to see everyone’s pictures and how I liked the effort they put in

Izzy from Year 5: I enjoyed that people showed respect for nature

Our school works hard to provide all children with a chance to show off their wonderful talents and photography offers a range of exciting and valuable learning experiences. May this be the first of many photography competitions.

The three big winners:

3rd place: Oscar

2nd place: Seb

1st place: Freya

Well done everyone!

Bank Holiday Maths Competition!

We put together a Bank Holiday Maths Competition that was a big hit.

We made a video for how to enter:

You can see the winners below.

Page last updated: 30/05/23