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The School Day

Before School

We have two offers for morning wrap around care:

7.30- 8.30: Breakfast Club

This costs £4 per child per session and includes breakfast.


8.00- 8.30: Early Birds Club

This costs £2 per child per session (but doesn't include breakfast)


Both Breakfast Club and Early Birds offer an exciting range of activities and games- children are loving this fun and energising start to the day!


Parking and walking to school

All children are encouraged to walk to school or to walk from the designated car park. The front of the school will be kept free of parked cars and, to that effect (and with the children's safety in mind) the road is marked with yellow lines. Parents are requested not to drive up or park in Church Lane between 8.15am and 9.00am and 2.45pm and 3.45pm. Free parking is available in the car park on Chorley Road. There is a patrolled crossing on Chorley Road.


The school is fortunate to have a group of parents who have worked extremely hard to establish a School Travel Plan. The plan covers many aspects of walking to and from school safely. The Travel Plan team meet regularly to discuss progress of the plan.


School Travel Plan

School Travel Plans are developed, maintained and monitored by the whole school community to promote and facilitate sustainable travel for the school journey. The school travel plan sets out practical initiatives and measures to encourage active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel as an alternative to single occupancy car use.


The School Day


8.45 am: Registration



10.30- 10.45 am



Monday at 9 am and Wednesdays and Fridays at 2.45 pm.


12:15- 1.15pm


End of the Day:


8.45 am- 3.15 pm amounts to 32.5 hours a week.


Collecting Your Child From School

Arrangements are in place to ensure the safe handover of every child from the care of the school to that of the responsible parent or carer.  These arrangements relate directly to our child protection policy and Keeping Children Safe In Education 2016 requirements.


Parents or carers should collect their child from the playground. Parents should notify the school office if they are going to be late to collect. The children will be waiting at the school office for collection. Please make sure you notify the office or a member of staff once you have collected your child. A member of staff will contact you if your child hasn’t been collected by 3.30 pm. If you cannot be reached, the school will contact the other adults on your child’s personal details, where possible.


If someone else is collecting your child, please inform the school, and your child, about your plans.  As a school we understand that these arrangements may change on a day-to-day basis. It is important that parents inform us in writing of any changes in collection arrangements.


End of the day arrangements

The gate will be unlocked and supervised at all times by the Headteacher or nominated deputy and closed at 3.30 pm.  Parents/carers should walk from the main gate to the playground to pick up their child from the class teacher.

On collection in the interests of safety and congestion parents/carers should leave the school grounds and support their child/ren in walking home safely.


This is a very busy time for teachers and their first priority is always the safe dismissal of the children in their care. Should you wish to talk about any sensitive issue, which may require privacy or time, we suggest that you make an appointment to see the class teacher. This can be done by emailing or telephoning the school office on 01494 523318.


After School Clubs

We are proud to have a wide range of after school clubs at very affordable rates. These are a fun and engaging end to the school day- our extra curricular provision is going from strength to strength.


There are four different kinds of After School Club-

Teacher Run Clubs every day until 4.15 pm

Little Flyers every day until 6 pm

Active Sports Clubs on Wednesdays and Fridays until 4.15 pm



Teacher Clubs at West Wycombe School


We’re raised enough money for a school oven thanks to the Clubs and PTA support. We are now focusing on developing the Lower Garden area into a useable space for playtimes.


We are asking for an optional fee of £2 per club per session, with the exception of the Active Sports clubs.


Over time, the £2 optional donations (per club per session) will go a very long way to raising money for us- thank you for your support!



Little Flyers

Little Flyers is an exciting After School Club that offers a range of exciting activities and a hot snack. Little Flyers runs from 3.15- 6pm and it situated in Stokenchurch School- our children are picked up at the end of the day and taken there. Parents pick up from Stokenchurch School.

This club has been especially helpful for working parents. You can book a place here:


Active Sports Clubs


We are excited to link up with Active Sports Clubs for all of our Sports Clubs after school on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For more on Active Sports, click here:



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