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Current parents

Current parents- keeping in touch


We are very passionate about communicating with parents, but we know that so many channels can be challenging. While we are currently operating on Facebook, Twitter, Class Dojo, YouTube and email, here is the protocol:


Class Dojo:

This has been designed to be our main method of communication. You can see updates from your class or whole school, as well as communicate directly with your Class Teacher. This is monitored daily by staff. We're conscious that if we post on Dojo it 'pings' on people’s phone, so we aim to keep these to a minimum (we don't want to irritate parents!). By reading the Dojo posts and emails from Mrs McKee, you should be able to see every update and keep up with everything going on. 


Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube:

The use of these social media platforms is exciting and parents seem to be enjoying the 'live' updates from school. However, these platforms are entirely optional. We've designed it so you can use these platforms, but there is nothing posted there that isn't on Class Dojo or emails. The 'live' updates, such as the progress of our kitchen, will go to the Sway Newsletter.



Youtube: West Wycombe School - YouTube



Sway Newsletter:

We're proud of how thorough and comprehensive our Newsletter is- in theory, you should be able to see everything you need to know here. However, we know things pop up, so urgent updates (such as the tree falling on the road) or gentle reminders (such as returning the Cauliflower Cards orders) will be posted on Class Dojo.

You can find all of our Sway Newsletters here:



As with any school, communication is key and it's something we pride ourselves on. Class Dojo has been invaluable for communicating quick messages about behaviour or lost items, or to arrange a meeting.


For larger issues about behaviour or any concerns you have or clarification you need, we'd recommend emailling us on Mr Tang or Mr St Croix will respond to these emails within 48 hours during term time. You can use these to book a meeting too- face to face is always the most efficient way to communicate and resolve issues.


Page last updated: 28/09/23