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Feedback Friday- Spring 1 2024

Feedback Friday 

Spring 1 2024


If you haven’t done so already, could/would the school consider purchasing and installing a few LifeVac devices to be wall mounted around the school? Especially one where the kids eat. LifeVacs are simple, non-invasive Airway Clearance Devices that can be used in any chocking incidences.


We've just bought one for the Hall and one for Reception- thank you for the suggestion.



My son loves the school and we have no complaints! The staff are brilliant and we're really happy with the school. Small point but can there be a Lost and Found box? 


Thank you for the kind feedback. Yes- we will introduce a Lost and Found box in the Hall. If all parents could ensure that everything is named, it'll help us hugely- thank you.



I wondered if there was a regular day for reading books to be changed and if so could it be added to class dojo? I also just want to say massive thank you to all the staff for surrounding my son with love and kindness.


We've asked staff to post on Class Dojo the days for PE, book changing, homework and any other important information parents need to know- please check Dojo over the next week. Thank you!



Foww doing a great job. Loving the newsletters you’re doing as well.
Please could you get chicks again for the children and Mr Tang to get overly attached too, and sing too.


Of course! 

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