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At West Wycombe, we follow the Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2022-2027, which aims to provide a comprehensive and inclusive framework for the teaching and learning of religious education (RE) in schools. It recognises the importance of RE in understanding the rapidly changing modern world, where religion and worldviews significantly shape individuals, communities, and societies. The syllabus is based on four key strands – beliefs and practices, identity and diversity, values and commitments, and meaning and purpose – interlinked, allowing for a holistic understanding of religion and worldviews. It also emphasises the development of critical thinking, empathy, and tolerance towards different beliefs and cultures. The syllabus encourages schools to teach about a wide range of religions and worldviews, including religious and non-religious perspectives, reflecting the diversity of modern society. It also provides opportunities for our children to explore the connections and similarities between different religions and worldviews and their impact on global issues.



At West Wycombe Primary School, we aim to spark curiosity and thoughtfulness in our students as they learn about religion, belief systems, values, and human life. We strive to expand their understanding of various religions and worldviews, equipping them to tackle difficult questions and express their thoughts sensibly. In each lesson, our students will learn how to objectively evaluate information and articulate their perspectives while also considering the beliefs and ideas of others. Our classes will also encourage reflection on the children's personal experiences and how they shape their beliefs, values, and attitudes. By exploring identity and community, we aim to promote harmony and understanding within our school and the broader community on a local, national, and global scale. Our ultimate aim is for our students to grow academically and learn to appreciate what is good, faithful, and kind. We encourage our school values of perseverance, respect, possibilities, and sharing as our students grow together and become compassionate, understanding individuals.


At West Wycombe Primary School, we pride ourselves on our curriculum design based on the Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for RE. This syllabus has a core vision of developing all our pupils' spiritual, academic, emotional, and moral growth. We aim to help them understand themselves, others, and the world around them and equip them with the skills to navigate our ever-changing society. 


Each term, our students focus on 1-2 critical questions explored through various religions and worldviews. We firmly believe in incorporating our pupils' personal experiences into their learning, so every unit of work starts with a discussion about "Me, my friends, and family." This allows them to connect their own lives to the topic at hand. We then investigate the key question through the lens of different religions and worldviews. Doing so promotes understanding and respect for other belief systems and encourages critical thinking and empathy. To help our students reflect on the key question, we also look at universal human experiences and how they relate to the topic. This allows them to see the relevance of the question in their own lives and how it connects to the broader world. Throughout their time at our school, our pupils can explore their identity, beliefs, and values and how these shape their daily lives. At the end of each term, they come together to answer the key question as a group, demonstrating their increased understanding and knowledge. RE is taught weekly, but we also provide special event days throughout the year to further engage our students in the subject. These events allow them to immerse themselves in a particular aspect of a religion or worldview and deepen their learning and understanding. As a school, we value the diversity of our community and seek to reflect this in our curriculum. We invite guest speakers from different faiths to share their perspectives and celebrate local cultural festivities and events within our town and beyond. Doing so promotes a culture of inclusivity and understanding among our students. 


Our pupils will embark on a journey of understanding and appreciation for the principles, religions and worldviews that shape our world. Using the framework provided, they will learn to accurately describe the key aspects of these beliefs and explore their similarities and differences. With a focus on our community, they will delve into the nature, role, and significance of religion and belief in our society, gaining a deeper understanding of their own beliefs and the beliefs of others. Over the years, our pupils will develop essential skills in using and interpreting various sources of information, expanding their vocabulary. 


Through self-reflection, our pupils will understand their unique identities and what they genuinely believe in. They will also contemplate the importance of their beliefs and how they shape their daily lives. As they progress through our school, they will learn to form opinions and engage in discussions on controversial topics, respecting different beliefs and backgrounds. Ultimately, our students will learn to celebrate diversity and leave our school with a deep appreciation for what we all share as humans while maintaining their faith and beliefs. At West Wycombe Primary School, we strive to create an inclusive environment where our pupils can recognize and respect the values that bind us while embracing and honouring their individuality. 



What our children have said:

"RE has taught me so much, not just about religion but also about understanding and respecting others. I've realised that even if we have different beliefs, we can still get along and learn from each other. It's sparked my curiosity about the world and different cultures, and I've even started doing research on my own outside of school.

Jay Year 5

The Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus 2022- 2027

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