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Photography Competition

At West Wycombe we have wonderful junior photographers who know how important a picture can be. A picture says a thousand words and, in this case, it tells us a thousand words about nature in our local area.

Two members of our Newspaper Club, Jaya and Izzy, set up their own photography competition. All of the teachers were impressed with their maturity when they collected the entries, chose the winners and presented the winners to the whole school using their own PowerPoint.

Jaya from Year 6: I liked to see everyone’s pictures and how I liked the effort they put in

Izzy from Year 5: I enjoyed that people showed respect for nature

Our school works hard to provide all children with a chance to show off their wonderful talents and photography offers a range of exciting and valuable learning experiences. May this be the first of many photography competitions.

The three big winners:

3rd place: Oscar

2nd place: Seb

1st place: Freya

Well done everyone!