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School Assemblies



At West Wycombe School we encourage all our children to feel part of the community; not just the school, but the wider local, national and world community. Assemblies provide the children and staff with the opportunity to explore our role within these communities and to celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups within the school. Sometimes, speakers will be invited to the school to address the children on a particular subject. Assemblies also provide the forum for children to discuss spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.


Assemblies take three times a week.  Typical weekly assemblies are as follows:


Monday:         Headteacher Assembly

Wednesday:    SLT Led Assembly

Friday:           'West Wycombe WOWs'- our Celebration Assembly, at which individual achievements are announced


Assemblies are the heart of our school; a time where we come together and celebrate each other and our values.

Assembly Highlights- Summer 2021

'Ish' teaches us to be bold, be proud and to give it a go, even if it's not perfect.

We had an assembly today on managing worries and the power of positivity. We read a story called 'Penguin Problems' and we had a think about we can apply the message of positivity to our own lives. I've attached the story in case your child wanted to read it again- it's quite funny!

The inspirational Mr St. Croix delivered an inspirational assembly on the power of ambition.

We read the story of 'Odd Socks'- a story about being different, being inclusive and supporting each other.

We looked at what it means to be British and what British Values are.

We looked at how to stay safe online, including looking at a story on internet safety called 'Chicken Clickin'.

In this morning's assembly, we looked at the importance of sleep and what happens if you don't get enough sleep.

The presentation is above- it includes interesting research on what your sleeping position says about you.

We also watched a video on the importance of sleep and how to develop good sleeping habits:

For more information on how to help your child sleep better, click here:

Assembly Highlights- Autumn 1

True Olympic Spirit Moments at #Tokyo2020

We reflected on the True Olympic Spirit Moments and discussed the nature of compassion within competition.

We looked at the importance of recognising and celebrating our differences. We discussed prejudice and racism; our children understood that any kind of discrimination or intolerance of other cultures/ ways of life is unacceptable. 


We also discussed what to do if you witness racism or are a victim of racism.

In assembly this morning we discussed what makes a good friend and the importance of friendship.

At the end the children were asked to nominate someone who had been a good friend this week. 

In assembly today we looked at the importance of recycling (after all, it is RECYCLING WEEK!). We learned the importance of the 3 Rs-


In assembly today we talked about the importance of looking after our mental health and the mental health of others. As it's Superhero Week, we even looked at the mental health of our favourite Superheroes!

Today we looked at how we can make a difference and be heroes every day. Little acts of kindness make a big difference!

Today we looked at Black History Month and important Black figures who have fought for equality and inspired generations.