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Feedback Friday- Autumn 2- 2021

Feedback Friday

Autumn 2 



The 'Dates for your Diary' are all the way at the bottom of the Newsletter and they are quite important- can they be at the top for quick reference instead?


An excellent idea- thank you. This week's Sway Newsletter will have the dates for the following week at the top.


Can homework also be added to class dojo weekly in case the paper version gets lost/damaged?


This should be the case currently- I'll remind staff to always put the work on Class Dojo.



Multiple parents are still parking by the apple orchard or on church Lane at drop off and pick up, can this be looked into as can be dangerous for other parents that are walking.


This is a shame- we reminded parents about this in September. I will ask Mr Roberts to do random spot checks before and after school and speak to parents parking there.


Can we look at extra fundraising ideas with things like awareness days eg mental health awareness (wear green) epilepsy awareness (wear purple) world heart day etc not only giving the opportunity to raise funds but give the children awareness of conditions that are out there and teach them what to do in an emergency. Some children may have conditions and likewise their parents may so may help children to talk about them.


This is a fantastic idea. Mental Health Awareness Week is in the Spring Term.

We will incorporate assemblies on allergies, epilepsy and additional needs in the Spring Term.

We're also investigating Year 6 being trained in first aid and CPR. We'd then like them to feedback to the school on what they learned in an assembly.


There are so many software platforms and routes of communication that tracking it all is very difficult. Streamling is desirable from my perspective. Appreciate issues around legacy licences and no 'one size fits all'.


We are very passionate (as you may have noticed!) about communicating with parents, but we agree that so many channels can be challenging. While we are currently operating on Facebook, Twitter, Class Dojo, YouTube and email, there is a method to our madness...


Class Dojo:

This has been designed to be our main method of communication. You can see updates from your class or whole school, as well as communicate directly with your Class Teacher. This is monitored daily by staff. We're conscious that if we post on Dojo it 'pings' on your phone, so we aim to keep these to a minimum (we don't want to irritate parents!). By reading the Dojo posts and emails from Mrs Roberts, you should be able to see every update and keep up with everything going on. 


Facebook/ Twitter/ YouTube:

The use of these social media platforms is exciting and parents seem to be enjoying the 'live' updates from school. However, these platforms are entirely optional. We've designed it so you can use these platforms, but there is nothing posted there that isn't on Class Dojo or emails. The 'live' updates, such as the progress of our kitchen, will go to the Sway Newsletter.


Sway Newsletter:

While it's long, we're proud of how thorough and comprehensive our Newsletter is- in theory, you should be able to see everything you need to know here. However, we know things pop up, so urgent updates (such as the tree falling on the road) or gentle reminders (such as returning the Cauliflower Cards orders) will be posted on Class Dojo.


Could we look at whether paint for the infant pupils is washable. I.e. can be removed from white clothing. Single use shirts are not sustainable.


This is a good point- I've asked the staff to use washable paint from now on.


Behaviour- I would like to say. How happy the children all look at school. How polite they are whenever I see them at events or pass them, always uses please and thank you.

This is such lovely feedback- we are very proud of our children and their amazing manners. 

Clubs - great range of clubs. Well done for organising them.

Thank you! Thank you to our endlessly hard working staff.

Homework - could we have the homework set put on class dojo too. Regularly get told there isn’t any. Also could we have feedback on the homework.

Homework should be put on Class Dojo- we will remind the staff. Children should receive verbal or written feedback on their homework- we are sorry if this hasn't been consistent. We will remind the staff.

Events - in your theme weeks, how about a safety? Road safety, online safety, home safety, stranger danger etc..

A great idea- Safety Week is after Christmas. We are planning for Year 5 to go to Hazard Alley, a centre that teaches all about how to be safe in the real world, and feedback to the school in an assembly

I really think the school is on the right path. All doing great.

We are doing our best- your support means so much to us. Thank you.


After school on the Friday 22nd October when the kids broke up for half term Harry came home and the first thing he said was this: "Dad - it is true that the busier you are the quicker time seems to go?" I said "Yes Harry, why do you ask?" He said "In that case, can we be really busy during half term as I want to get back to school as quickly as possible?" I can tell you that this has not always been the case, and I think shows just what a positive vibe there is at the school right now. So thank you from us for all the hard work the staff have put in this term to make the school a happy and enjoyable place for the kids to be!  :o)


This has made our day- thank you!


The amount of clubs and variety is brilliant and have had nothing but positive feedback from my child.

Thank you!

Spellings tests aren’t done in year 4. I think this is something that should be considered. It helps to learn and remember them.


At West Wycombe we know that teaching spelling through spelling rules is the best way for children to remember how to spell. Therefore, we have been reluctant to test and rather give children the chance to apply their knowledge. In many year groups, children are tested in other forms. We use Spelling Shed which provides us with activities for each spelling rule which is also linked to year group national expectations.


However, we appreciate the importance of testing and would rather test the children during termly tests as a way for us to gage their progress and confidence in spellings. We expect to see an improvement in spelling scores this year in comparison to last year as we are testing less, applying spelling rules and using Spelling Shed.


I think there should be an area (online?)where all the projects and homework that the children are expected to do/work on for each week is displayed for parents to see. Not all children dutifully bring their homework etc home and don’t tell the parents what is needed to be done.
Anything that is mandatory for them should be displayed here so it can be monitored and then overseen at home. Otherwise some of it will just not get done, especially if you have multiple children and I don’t know what they have to do.


We'll remind staff to put all homework on Class Dojo- thank you.

Encouraging the children to remember their belongings. Jumpers, water bottles at the school at end of day. My children frequently come back without them and it can be days before we get them back. Everyday I make sure they come in with water bottle, jumper/cardigan, coat and bag. Can adults make sure they come out equally equipped. Please.


We apologise for this inconvenience- we will remind teachers to take extra time with their class at the end of the day to ensure all belongings go home. If your child continually comes out without everything, please flag it up with the teachers on the playground.


It is a very good school, the child and I are very  happy, thank you !!!


Thank you!


Please could you consider putting in lighting along the railings that run alongside to the top path to the main reception gate entrance, and at the top of the steps there.
We came to parents evening on Tuesday and it was pitch black up there and I nearly fell down the steps at the top of the path when we we’re leaving.
The trees, which I’m sure aren’t the schools, are also huge and encroach on the path. I’m sure anyone with small children or a pushchair would struggle to get along there as it’s tricky to navigate in good lighting.
The alternative is to walk up the road which isn't safe, especially at night, due to the poor lighting.
Many thanks for the opportunity to feedback.


This is an excellent point- we're so sorry it's been so dangerous. We've got a Health and Safety Audit coming up with our GLT and we'll push for this to a consideration. We'll get back to you.



My  concern is related to before and after school clubs, I would like to raise awareness of child safety and comfort as children enjoy playing on the floor , and so my suggestion would recommend safety mats on the floor.   
I  have mentioned  this before  to the Headteacher, however  all children  attending need comfort such as (TLC).


We will start using mats in Breakfast Club as of next week for floor activities- thank you.


Regarding the school dog, not every child enjoys being around dogs,. My suggestion would be to introduce cats to the children who don't like dogs. Cats are friendly too.


The launch of the school dog has been very positive and we've taken steps to ensure all children feel comfortable or have a choice to not be around the dog. 

We'll see what we can do about a school cat- we also love cats!