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Feedback Friday- Spring 2 2023

Feedback Friday!

Spring 2 2023


It would be good if Year 4 could read authors other than Roald Dahl. I think he is brilliant but most of my child's guided reading last year in Year 3 was Roald Dahl and having seen the newsletter, they are reading another now. There are so many other good authors around and lots of them will have already read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Thank you for the feedback. Year 4 will branch out to a different author soon- we appreciate your point.


Miss Bishop has been excellent in feeding back and observing my child’s behaviour. I feel confident she has really understood her needs and puts the right measures in place to get a positive outcome. Thank you :)

Lovely feedback- thank you.



I have noticed that there is always something to pay for at school, fund raising is great and I love the energy and excitement this creates! Life right now is so expensive and it is difficult to keep up with bare necessities like food gas and electricity without having to buy things almost every week. It would be to embarrassing if the kids missed out on something because the parents are struggling and Mr Tang is great at making sure no one misses out. But still it needs to be mentioned.

Thank you for the feedback. We completely agree with the need to keep spending at a minimum. We'll minimise the compulsory fundraisers going forward- everything else (Discos, Quiz Nights etc.) are entirely optional. Additionally, all clubs have an optional cost. We are happy to offer free admission to the Disco and any trips- just let us know.


Are there any plans / funding for year 3 to have some TA support?    Thank you.

Yes- we agree that this is a priority, especially now that the class has grown so quickly (a testament to the amazing teaching from Mrs Anwar). We'll be in touch before Easter with our plans.


Why don't the children play in the playground in the mornings before 8.45am anymore?     My child loves a good run around before the work begins!

We're trialling the 'soft start' system where children go straight into class for handwring/ times tables/ reading time. Occasionally this is additional social time. There are pros and cons either way but with this system we gain 15 minutes each day, which adds up to 1 hour 15 minutes a week, which is helpful. In addition to this, many of our SEND children struggle with the playground start as it can be daunting and loud, whereas the soft start is quieter and more settled. 

As we say- pros and cons either way. The teachers are deciding soon which system they'd like to keep going forward. Thank you for the feedback.


The communication and feedback from Mrs Webb on Class Dojo has been really helpful- thank you.

Thank you- we'll pass this on!


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