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Feedback Friday- Autumn 1 2022

Feedback Friday

Autumn 1 2022


For the Meet teachers event- could it be arrange so that can we see each child teacher presentation rather than pick our favourite child?

We’d like more outlined information about the SEND processes and protocol.

We’d like to know more about the Governors and the Trust.

Can we know more about what the kids learn in pe. Can we have something in newsletter.


Thank you for the lovely feedback!

Next year we will try a different format for the Meet The Teacher presentations- one after school each day. We’ll see if that helps!

The SEND points will be addressed in the upcoming Coffee Morning on Friday 7th October, as well as today’s Sway Newsletter.

We’re really lucky to have such a supportive Governing Board and Trust- they are our safety net! We’ll explain how they support us in more depth soon.

What a great idea about PE! Mr Rowley will have a regular feature on our Sway Newsletter starting next week.


My son really enjoyed his first week back and is really happy with his new teacher. I thought her presentation was great! It was structured , thought out and planned really well. I am looking forward to see what he and the class achieve.

I’d love to see trips for the children if possible this year Ie:
Great Windsor walk
Royal museum
Black park
Wendover woods
Butterfly house


Thank you! Great ideas on visits. We are currently finalising our Visit Schedule for the year so we’ll get back to you.


The communication on Dojo and Meet the Teacher has been very clear. Thank you for a tour and all of your hard work!


We really prioritise communication so we’re pleased it’s been helpful.


Hi just wondering is there a calendar anywhere or can there be with all the dates of events etc happing? A one view kind of thing? Thanks


Our new Administrator, Mrs Withey, will update the main calendar on the website with the Dates For Your Diary. These should then synchronise with your phone calendars.


1. Meet the teacher evening was great, however if you have multiple children at the school you were unable to attend all presentations. Could this be either done in the hall by all teachers in turn and then breakout to classrooms for see the classes. Or on individual days per class.

2. To help the school with additional support in classes can parent/guardian volunteers be brought back for things like reading and/or just general support in class. People may be able to help for an hour or two on either an adhoc or regular basis.

3. Can there be a school wide policy on homework, either everyone gets some (excluding reception potentially) or everyone gets none. When you have children in different years and 1 has homework and the other doesn't I can cause unnecessary arguments at home.

4. Positive note, I wanted to say thank you for always having staff on the gates that listen and action any issues or concerns in a timely manner and always being open to help.



Thank you! Great ideas. In response:


  1. Next year we will try a different format for the Meet The Teacher presentations- one after school each day. We’ll see if that helps!
  2. We need to relaunch our Parent Volunteers- Mrs Withey will be in touch
  3. Homework may be not always be consistent in terms of expectations, unfortunately, especially with two children in different year groups. The staff are reviewing our Homework Policy this term to make it more meaningful and effective.
  4. Thank you!





Everything is important; especially behaviour and homework.


We agree!


I am extremely impressed with the enthusiasm of the teachers, staff and children at West Wycombe School. My children are excited to go to school to learn and play. I am happy we made the decision to move schools this year. Thank you! I am equally impressed at the organisational skills of the FOWW and look forward to joining you on your many events planned for this year.


Thank you so much; your support means the world to us.



Love the use of class dojo, it means I can ask specific questions regarding my daughters day.


We love Class Dojo!


The range of clubs on offer has been really helpful and we really appreciate the staff taking the time to provide these activities at a minimal cost to parents.


We are very lucky to have staff who will always go the extra mile to provide extra curricular activities and experiences.