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How To Help At Home

How to help at home- Year 6


1. Help with homework

For parents in Year 6, the most important thing is to continue to help where possible with reading, homework, times tables, and projects whilst encouraging even more independence than in previous years. Your child will possibly learn more during this year than any other that it is their own hard work and effort that matters, not someone else’s.


2. Keep on reading

As ever, it is still important that your child continues to read, both alone and to you, as much as possible. It is never too late to develop a love of reading. Spend time finding the best books for your child – speak to their teacher too, or a librarian, if this is proving a challenge.


3. Prepare for SATs

You will probably want to support your child in the lead up to the SATs. Working with your child, when needed, will help you see where they need the most support. Be sure to speak to your child’s teacher at various times during the year when you need to. They will be keen to help with any areas of concern you might have.


4. Encourage independence

As they prepare for Year 7, there is a need to develop their independence and maturity. Get them a watch so they can tell the time and manage their time effectively. Set a routine for expectations and challenge them to self reliant, self motivated and 'grown up'- it won't be long until they'll be travelling to school on their own and having to move around the school to different lessons!



Page last updated: 11/11/23