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Feedback Friday- Spring 2- 2022

Feedback Friday!

Spring 2 


My husband and I are very proud to have our kids attend West Wycombe. All the introductions of clubs has been superb and you should all be proud.

Thank you for lovely feedback!


I understand the school has  insufficient money for the school trip that the year 5's were going to visit, in which case are we eligible for a full refund?

We'll look into this- Mrs Rowley will communicate with the Year 5 parents.


Could parents have access to their own child's school absent record for the purpose of Innovation missed &  payed lunches to claim refund.

Teachers are giving out Attendance Reports for all children in the Parents' Evenings next week- however, you'll need to check with Innovate with regards to their refunds policy.


I wanted to offer you all some praise. You do all go above and beyond for the school and do great job.. 
Even replying to messages late at night or weekends. Don’t burn yourselves out :)
Kids are so super happy being there

Thank you- we'll try not to burn out! Your kind words mean the world to our staff.


Just two small, hopefully easily things - is there anyway you can remove past clubs that have been booked and are finished on arbour. Just so it’s tidier.

Great idea but unfortunately on Arbor it does not allow this- apologies. They are aware of this and have said they will look into it in time.

And the other one is the term dates on the website are a bit confusing- can the layout be - term start and end and then label when the holidays are. Sorry for being picky!

We agree it's confusing- Mrs McKee will look into this as soon as possible.


Otherwise great work by the all the teachers. Love the variety of activities/ clubs and events that happen for the children.
Thank you. We love the clubs and we love all the events going on.


Children are coming home saying they are hungry after school lunch. I know some parents give extra snacks to make up for this but that shouldn't have to be the case. School lunches really should be provided to a reasonable amount.

We completely agree. We will ask Innovate to investigate this next week. We encourage all parents to email feedback to Innovate on


Just to thank you for everything you are all doing for his development, he is happy, he loves his school, his friends and especially his amazing teacher Mrs. Anwar! Thank you very much!

We'll pass this on- thank you!


I'm a new parent this year and I must say how impressed I've been with the quality of care offered by the school. I know my child is in safe hands and he loves coming to school every day. Thank you for everything you're doing- we've been pleased with the progress he's made so far. Keep it up!

Thank you for the kind words- we're glad he enjoys it here!