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Feedback Friday- Spring 1 2023

Feedback Friday!

Spring 1 2023


I'm really pleased with how well my children are getting on in the new school term. They are both happy and love their teachers. Mrs Webb and Mr St Croix are obviously doing a fabulous job with the them both. My child has even told me when she grows up she wants to be like Mrs Webb! Well done to all of the staff for creating such a caring and nurturing school.

Thank you- such lovely feedback for our staff to receive!


It would be nice to know more about what the governors do. See them at some of the events at the school.

Thank you- this is a good point. The Governors do so much for us behind the scenes so it would be helpful to share their work. Our next Open Morning for current parents is on Friday 27th January- while it's primarily a Maths focus, we will add a Governor Meet and Greet to this.


I just wanted to share the concern raised by my child and thought this is probably best via class rep, but there appears to be a lot of innovate food that is wasted after all the lunch meals - are we able to do anything about this ? Perhaps kids having a second helping or some of the smaller years can take them home? Times are tough and I’m sure this would go along way rather then being wasted ? Any thoughts

Thank you for the feedback. We've spoken to Innovate- they serve second helpings to the older children for the hot food to minimise waste. We will ask Innovate to survey parents so they can also respond to feedback.


The staff are clearly working really hard and their enthusiasm is so lovely. Is there a way we can find out what they are learning in each subject?

You read our minds- we are sending out the Spring Topic Webs this weekend!


I just wanted to thank you formally for the support your school have offered both of my daughter's over the last couple of challenging years. As well as COVID things have changed for us personally and the continued support, advice and lack of judgement has been so helpful. I truly wish that my child in Year 6 could stay at West Wycombe as it is such a lovely school and such a positive community. Thank you!

Thank you so much!


Firstly I would just like to mention the end of term Christmas shows and concerts which were exceptional. I was amazed at how confidently the children performed especially the solo singers in KS1. The atmosphere at the concert was amazing, full of joy and happiness whilst demonstrating the hard work put in by the staff and the children. I actually felt quite emotional! * My children continue to enjoy attending school and talk fondly of what they have learnt so I look forward to seeing the progress made this term. * I am really impressed with the way in which tuition is accessible to all learners. Obviously the teachers are keen for the children to excel! * My children really like Mr Tang. They came home the other day and said “ mummy Mr Tang is a kind man he gives children breakfast and brings his toys for us to play with! “.We like him!

Suggestions * Is it possible for Y1 to have more than one reading book a week? Could there be specific information on which phonemes/ alternative graphemes are taught in a week so we can consolidate at home? A simple word list with 5/10 words to decode will support application of phonics taught that week. I don’t want to create extra work for the teachers but a simple message on Dojo can address this and be left to the parents who wish to do it.

Thank you for the feedback. The children should receive a Little Wandle book and a Reading For Pleasure book too. We are planning a Phonics Information afternoon/ evening, so parents can be informed on the methodology behind this scheme.



We are very happy with the progress that my child is making, however I think she could benefit with some homework. Sumdog is great and she really enjoys it but 15 mins of structured homework over the weekend would be great. She loved the handwriting & spelling practice over the autumn half term.

This was from a Year 1 and 2 parent- we've also had feedback that Year 1 and 2 really struggled with the concept of homework. To compromise, we'll trial sending out optional homework with no pressure to complete, but House Points for those who do give it a go.



I’m so pleased how much my children love school. They both come out each day with stories about their day, always sounding so much fun and engaging. West Wycombe school is such a nurturing school and that’s all thanks to the staff and amazing teachers. It makes me so happy they are happy every day and that’s all thanks to you all!

This is what we aim for so we are so happy to receive this.



As my child has only recently started at the school, I have been so impressed with how quickly he has settled in and feels comfortable. Mr St Croix is a fantastic teacher who obviously cares about all of the children in his class and goes above and beyond to build a good rapport with the children in order to get the best out of them. Communication has been outstanding from all staff and it makes such a difference as a parent to feel confident in what is happening with your child at school. Thank you to your whole team for welcoming my child so well. He said to me the other day that he is now enjoying school again and the day goes quickly. That in itself is a massive change after issues he encountered at his last school with bullying. He feels safe and much happier at West Wycombe.

Thank you so much for this kind words- we love having him with us!

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