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Feedback Friday- Autumn 2 2022

Feedback Friday

Autumn 2 2022


Love Boom reading. Thank you for setting it up.
Is there a chance for year 1s to have SumDog logins at all?

Yes- SumDog log ons will be sent out soon and the children will be trained on how to use it. Thank you for the feedback!


The clubs provided by the school are fantastic and I feel really lucky that we have them. Please can we pay for school clubs using tax free childcare so we save 20% but the school still receive the same amount of money?

Apologies- this is still on our list to investigate. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.



We are new to the school and have found the communication excellent! I have never experienced being at a school that is so responsive. The teachers (in fact all staff members) are responding to all enquiries quickly and genuinely care about the welfare of the children.
I do not have the expectation for teachers to respond to anything in the evening but they do which is showing they are going beyond the care of duty.
My children have had an excellent start at West Wycombe and long may it continue! I have no worries or concerns and for once I feel I can trust a school to educate and nurture my children the way the system should.
Thank you everyone for the hard work!

Thank you- we really appreciate this kind feedback.



I am happy with all the academic provisions you all give to our children and I want to congratulate each and all of you teachers and everyone who works very hard at West Wycombe School as your great care and permanent dedication you all employ to assure best results for all the children at our wonderful school is truly remarkable. Further I would like to express my wish in regards with Homework club if more can be provided where children can complete their homework after school.

I am happy to pay more for this very important club because children will be happy to work harder at school than they would do at homes as they feel to tired they say when they come home and not much homework is getting done. This is my request for this term if 2-3 after school homework clubs can be arranged for our children in the near future, this will be excellent and very appreciated.

Thank you very much for giving us the chance to express our wishes.

We will have a Homework Club in the Spring Term- thank you!



I would like to thank you for your work and extraordinary enthusiasm.  Special thanks to Mrs Anwar for her attention and care.  Very grateful.

We'll pass this on- thank you.



The staff are so positive and hard working- please pass on my thanks for everything they are doing. My child is so happy at school. Can we have a Lost Property please?

We'll launch the new Lost Property system next week- Year 6s will check it weekly and distribute any named items of clothing/ property (please ensure your child has everything named).



Have you considered once in a while asking the children to provide feedback- with some structure. Maybe once a term give them the opportunity to talk about things they enjoy or could do more of. Then get them to work on implementing easy changes or things to work towards. 

We'll be asking our new Pupil Parliament to work on this- watch this space.



Could we have a cooking club?

Great idea- it'll be available in the Spring Term.



Huge thank you to Miss Bishop and how well she has supported my child's SEND needs. She is doing cracking job.

We'll pass this on- thank you!



My only complaint is the jumpers and cardigans going missing. They are named but don’t come back very often. 
My 3 children had x4 each ( x12total) we only have x3 left total. 1 child has none, 1 has x2 and the other has x1 left. 

Can we carry on posting homework and anything required of the children to go on dojo. My children do not tell me anything when they get home and never tell me about homework, that is why I need it on the dojo. Please. 

We've got a new Lost Property system coming soon- see above. We'll be in touch privately to work out where the jumpers have gone- we will find them!

We'll ask the staff to continue the Dojo usage- especially for anything important parents need to know. Thank you for the feedback!



Miss Mahmood is an amazing teacher. She has made a huge difference to my child settling in so well this week after quite an unsettled first week. She has used great intuition with the regards to what pace to use for different things happening in the classroom and has really connected with him and his interests. He has absolutely noticed her effort and I know that’s made a big difference to his happiness at school. 

This is lovely and we're so glad he's enjoying it here- thank you!



Communication with members of staff is excellent. I have communicated via Dojo with Miss Mahmood, Mrs Anwar and Mrs Rowley and all of them have responded so quickly and therefore resolved any issues or queries very quickly.  

I have emailed Sally Withey with queries and they have always been answered timely and efficiently. 

I love the fact that members of the leadership team are out every morning and all teachers are so visible after school. It makes it so easy to talk to somebody if there are any issues.

Thank you!