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Feedback Friday- Autumn 2 2023

Feedback Friday 

Autumn 2 2023


Thank you for everything so far this term- we’re really happy with the school and our son loves coming to school. The staff are very friendly and approachable and the Class Dojo communication is really helpful. Quick question- are we still using Boom Reader?


Good question- no, following feedback that parents preferred the traditional Reading Records, we’ve gone back to the classic home/school record. If you haven’t got one coming home, do let us know.



Firstly want to say the whole school staff team are doing a wonderful job. Really happy with everything and my child loves school so much.
In terms of ideas for improvements, in terms of bringing on phonics and reading, perhaps sending books home and small homework tasks for the kids would be good so we can continue some of the work from school at home. Just as sometimes not clear what the learning has been to work on at home with my child.


We’ll ask the staff next week to add a page on ‘How To Help At Home’ to their Class Page- good idea.

Second in terms of pick up and drop off maybe giving parents option of kiss and drop at the top gate. Perhaps could ask parents to pay to do this and would also raise funds for the school. As there is a loop round the school on the road to make this possible to be done.

Thanks for everyone's hard work.


This could work- we'll need to investigate it. Watch this space!

A bit more info on the curriculum and what they are working on/what we can work on with them at home would be useful, but will ask for this at parent's evening.

All the events have been brilliant so far!


We’re hoping the Parents’ Evening and the progress report that went out with it helped. Everything we’re learning out should be on the Class Pages:



Could it be explored if after school clubs can run for longer than 1hour? Or, is there enough appetite from parents to have an after-school wrap around care scheme on site?


Yes- we’d like Little Flyers to go until 6 pm here, but we need enough children to make it work. If you would like Little Flyers until 6 pm, please message the Office with which days and for how long.

It would be more reassuring if all communication for key dates and key information about school was sent via email to the new parents only, just until class dojo is set up.
This way it can be clear and informative without having new parents searching for the information. It can all be sent to them to save any confusion.

Class dojo, once set up is a good platform for communication and have found this very useful, informative and easy to use. I’m glad teachers are utilising this platform and keeping it up to date with the latest information and key dates.


So sorry that the initial communication wasn’t clearer- we’ve got a new system for the next batch of Reception parents so hopefully nothing is missed.



From what I have seen the behaviour of students has been fantastic. I’ve been impressed by the maturity of some older students too and the care they give to their younger peers. My child talks a lot about her year 6 buddy and they make the effort to say hello and good-bye to my child when at school. It’s lovely to see.

The students all seem so polite and happy at school and I believe this, along with a team of friendly happy and approachable teachers, Heidi has settled in well in her first year of school.


We agree- the children’s behaviour has been excellent this term. We are very proud of them!


I just want to say a massive thank you to all the staff for their hard work and love that they show my son.


Thank you!


Could you tell me please why the children in Year 4 no longer have 2 PE lessons a week?


Apologies for any confusion/ timetable changes- Year 4 have PE on Thursdays and Fridays. Next week they start a new unit on Circuit Training and on Fridays they swim.


I appreciate all the hard work every member of staff puts in every single day.


Thank you!

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