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Feedback Friday- Summer 1 2022

Feedback Friday

Summer 1


Can the kids eat their lunch in the hall yet? Just think it would be nicer for them to have a break for their classroom especially on rainy days. Also healthy to eat not while watching something. Loving everything the school doing. Lovely to see the school grow and children so happy

We enjoyed eating in the Hall, but we've seen far fewer accidents and behaviour incidents since we started eating in the classrooms. We have tried eating in the Hall recently and it was very, very loud! Some of our children with sensory issues struggled. 

However, we've had an idea- on rainy days we'll eat in the Hall as an exception and a special treat on a wet day. 

Also, we agree children shouldn't be watching movies every day- we'll ask staff to alternate between movies and calm music.

Thank you for the support!


It would be fantastic if the older year group's got to experience Hazard Alley on a school trip. I have fond memories of going as a child and I know our children will too. It's such a fun way to learn about keeping safe through different interactive scenarios. I know if would be really beneficial for the children.

We agree- we'll look into it for Year 5 in Summer 2.


It feels that there is a lot of homework and it is sometimes a struggle to get it done. It also ends up in his school bag and not collected even if we do manage to get it done. Are the children still watching films every lunch? It would be good if they could eat first before any films/TV are put on to give them the chance to eat without distraction. Thank you

Homework does need some exploration- we are reviewing our Homework Policy and we need your help! Please fill in this survey so we can consider how best to make homework work for everyone involved:

Homework should be meaningful, motivating and manageable- your thoughts on homework will be really helpful. You have until Monday 6th June to take this survey- thank you!


Thank you for the tuition sessions. Is there a way to let us know what the children are doing in these sessions?

We'll ask the teachers to feedback before the sessions start on what the focus is and after the sessions a quick update.


Thank you for all your hard work. Just wanted a little clarity on when and how often books are changed?

From Mrs Carty: Children’s books are changed at least once a week generally on Monday. Children are also able to request another book change in the week if needed. We ask that the current book is kept in the book bag and brought to school every day to allow for regular changes.


As the school is continuing to grow, it would be great to have an after school club/clubs that finish at 6pm for working parents as 4.15 is not late enough for all.

We agree- we want Little Flyers to be based here until 6 pm. We tried this in the Summer Term last year but we didn't have enough numbers to make it viable. Now the school is growing, we might have enough children who need to utilise the late club- we will speak to Little Flyers and try it in the Autumn Term.


I just wanted to say thank you for how much support the school provides. Whenever we have needed something we have had a quick and helpful response. The teachers go above and beyond to help the children, and you are creating a lovely community. Thank you!

This means a lot to us; thank you.


Everyone at WW is doing such a great job- we are very pleased. Just a small point- there seem to be fewer clubs this half term.

There are fewer clubs as teachers have chosen to do more tuition. When Year 2 and Year 6 SATs are finished, teachers are keen to do more after school clubs instead of tuition.


If we are able to provide printable attachments for homework placed on ClassDojo please Find it difficult managing off dojo and find it easier to print for my Y5 child. My Y1 child comes home with pages in her homework which is great. It would be beneficial to see how progress is in areas they find difficult, maybe bi-weekly emails or even a message on ClassDojo to say how they are doing. I find waiting for parents meeting is to far away. I do love the uploads of their days on classdojo. Communication is superb Clubs are great Love West Wycombe School!

We'll pass this on to the staff- children can ask for printed sheets so we print only the number we need.
The feedback for children is a good point- we'll remind staff where possible to update parents on progress. However, this will need to be when they can squeeze it in; workload is an issue for all teachers right now.
Thank you for the kind feedback!