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Feedback Friday- Spring 1- 2022

Feedback Friday

Spring 1 



I think it's a really good idea that the year 6 children have been given roles to encourage responsibility. However, not all of them have roles and others seem to have two or three. Could each child have a role to make it fair?

This is a good point. Mr St Croix has spoken to Year 6 and revised the roles and responsibilities so that every child has something to do and an area to shine with.


Would like to see weekly spellings coming home if possible 

Of course- they due to restart this week but due to staff absence this was delayed. They will be sent home as of next week.


In the winter months, is it possible for the children to go straight into the classroom in the morning once the school gate opens at 8.30am?

A great idea- we'll gauge each day and when it's icy and cold, the children will be told to go straight to class at 8.30 rather than waiting in the playground.